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  • About Us

    Press is the market’s leading company in the marketing of the best and most varied kitchen utensils for domestic and professional use. We have focused since 1998 in devoting all of our human and financial resources exclusively to satisfy the growing needs of homemakers through the supply of tools that allow optimizing and making easier the handling and processing of food in the preparation of meals for the family.

    The objective or reaching final users has been achieved thanks to the efficient and numerous chains of national and regional stores, independent supermarkets and retailers that have allowed us to join them commercially with the goal of satisfying the needs of our mutual customers.

    We are really pleased with the approval that our products have had from our final users, as well as the trust, professionalism and opportunities given by the distribution network.

  • Mission

    To offer our customers and final users the most complete line of kitchen utensils, which allows them to optimize their domestic work through innovation, development, production, import and marketing of products, excellent quality-cost relationship and based on an efficient sales and post-sales service.


    To be the leading company in the national market maintaining a constant proactive focus to satisfy the changing needs of current and potential customers, through successful operational and administrative management and encouraging a pleasant, motivational and constantly challenging team work environment.

  • Our commitment

    Our continuous commitment is to continue innovating, developing and providing kitchen utensils, every time with better quality-cost relationship and guaranteeing to our distributors and customers:

    High Rotation Products
    Permanent Inventories
    Level of service superior to 95%
    Products that guarantee convenient profitability margins
    Promotional and advertisement participation in newsletters and magazines
    Continuous assessment by highly qualified and motivated personnel
    Free of charge display cases
    Permanent and rotating merchandising service
    Credit and discount policy
    Electronic Business Center affiliation
    Members adhered to the Supermarket and Self-service National Association
    Affiliated to the International Housewares Association (IHA)

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