• Free Shipping

    It is company policy to ship merchandise at no additional cost to all our customers country wide, for that, we have our own fleet of trucks and additionally the service of qualified and responsible third parties.

  • Timely Shipping

    It is our commitment to process, invoice, dispatch and deliver our orders in the shortest time possible. We are aware that the faster and prompter the products are displayed on the sales floor, the bigger it will be the possibility for final customers to satisfy their buying needs, mutually increasing the level of sales and merchandise replenishment frequency.

  • Display Cases

    These devices are metallic structures especially designed to organize, store and display in an ideal way all our product lines. They are property of Press and are available to all points of sale willing to market our products and due to their space capability are limited in shelf space. They are completely free of charge to the distributor.

  • Merchandising

    Merchandisers are typical and vital human resources in our organization. Through them we materialize the more important added value of the company and they are at the disposal of all our customers in their points of sale. Merchandisers are qualified and specialized personnel in charge of organizing, identifying and maintaining the displays in ideal conditions in order to achieve a major impact in sales, and the assessment and promotion to the final user.

  • Advertisement

    Advertisement is a fundamental tool to showcase and attract our target public to your establishments, increasing sales and the Press brand knowledge and placement in the mind of consumers and customers.

    It is a common practice to support the initiatives of our commercial allies in their newsletters, as well as participating in special promotions in their points of sale. In general, we are open to listen to each and every one of the advertisement and promotional proposals you wish to share with us.

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